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Welcome to the new home of the Original Louisa L. Smith 

Strips 'n Curves cutting templates for quilters.


Browse our website for our latest designs using Strips & Curves templates, tutorials, and accessories that make using her unique cutting templates a breeze.

Half Clamshell

Latest Quilt  Designs

a/k/a The COVID Creations


NEW On The Edge 9" template set 

Autum Leaves.jpeg

New design made with

The Swirl template set

Over The Rainbow

Make this stunning quilt with our

NEW On The Edge template sets

in 9" or 6" finished blocks

Over The Rainbow.jpeg

A Moda jelly roll was key for this beauty!

Made with Basic Set and Basic II templates


NEW On The Edge

3" and 6" template set

Blue on Blue by Debby Walters

New design made with

Half Clamshell template set

On The Edge

Make this wallhanging quilt with our

NEW On The Edge

3" and 6" template set

Christmas Placemats

Christmas Placemat Set (12"x18")

Made with Mini Beg & Borrow template set



NEW On The Edge

3" and 6" template set

Featured Tutorials

View these four introduction videos for the Strips 'n Curves templates

These videos use the Basic Set templates in the demonstrations,

but general cutting and sewing instructions apply to all

Strips 'n Curves template sets.


Part 1

Introduction and general cutting instructions

Part 2

DEMO: Machine piecing curved seams

Part 3

DEMO: Prepared edge applique for curved seams

Part 4

Discussion of design options

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Debby Walters

Designing with Strips and Curves

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Quilt titled "Wild Side" by Louisa Smith using her strips 'n curves technique