Debby Walters Strips 'n Curves quilter cutting templates
Debby Walters Strips 'n Curves quilter cutting templates

Debby Walters

Like many quilters of my generation, I began sewing by making doll clothes, then my own clothes, and eventually my family’s clothes, custom ballroom dance costumes, and both my daughters' wedding dresses. When my last child left the nest in 1989, I started watching Elenor Burns on PBS and caught the quilting bug.  With no family history or background of quilting, I went in search of a local quilt shop that offered beginner quilting class where I learned construction of four basic blocks, hand piecing and hand quilting.


A good number of years passed with little or no growth in my skills, techniques, or knowledge of what "quilting" encompassed in the 90s. I firmly believe this was because of a lack of interaction with other quilters via classes, bees or guilds. Around 1999, I was invited to join a bee that met near my home and that began my true love of all things quilty and the camaraderie that comes with it. In 2000, I  discovered the Houston International Quilt Festival - held just an hour drive from my home - and I haven't missed one since; taking about 120 classes along the way. I next joined a guild and attended classes hosted by the guild as well.  New skills were learned, new techniques were explored, and myriad of exciting teachers and classes happened.  


In 2011, an opportunity arose to purchase Quilting Adventures, a company that hosted 3, 4, and 5 day quilting retreats. So, my daughter and I did just that.  This new adventure gave me to opportunity to select instructors for the retreats and explore their many varied talents and techniques. The business also introduced me to hundreds of eager, talented and generous fellow quilters. During this time I met and studied with Louisa Smith and made a quilt from her book, “A New Twist on Strips and Curves.”


In 2017, Louisa was booked for a retreat with Quilting Adventures and during that class a lovely friendship blossomed. Just as Quilting Adventures was closing, Louisa was cutting back on her teaching and also wanted to pass on her template business. I purchased Louisa's template business and am manufacturing, promoting and selling her templates and teaching classes including Louisa's original Strips 'n Curves technique.