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Hempstead Quilt Show

What a wonderful class! Look at all the beautiful blocks created by the lovely ladies at the Knights of Columbus Quilt Show in Hempstead (Texas) last Friday.

They completed two large blocks from my "Do You Wanna Dance" pattern using the On The Edge 3"+6" template set in a 6 hour class. Determination and talent abounds!

A couple of ladies said they had never stitched curves and were afraid they couldn’t do it.  As you can see from the picture, they sure did piece those curves and quite well.  One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing all the different fabric combinations that students bring.  I can pet them all and not spend a cent!

There was a quilt show on Saturday in celebration of Veterans Day and the weekend's activities included a flag retirement.  I had never witnessed one before and was impressed with the ceremony that's involved. My porch flag is appoaching retirement status, so I'll be sure to bring it next year. There was also a presentation of Flags of Valor to four of our dedicated Texas veterans and a few teary eyes during the ceremony, mine included. After a most delicious chicken fried steak dinner an auction was held.  What a hoot! Lots of prodding, joking and great purchases went on, and the money raised supports local Hempstead charities. 

Summary: Good fun, great cause, and beautiful quilts. If you are near Hempstead on Veterans Day next year this is a great place to be.



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